Malot Fort

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The location of the Malot fort is about 15 kilometers westward form Katas. Here, on a hilltop is the ancient fort, which was built around 980AD. It is said that over here the last Hindu Shahi Raja Mal embraced Islam. In days gone-by the town and fort of Malot covered and area of over 5square kilometers. Two Hindu temples, which are located here, are beautiful specimens of ancient Kashmir architecture.

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The Malot temples, built of local red sand stones of salt range mountains, are located on the road leading to Malot village near Choi village. The road is linked with main Kallar Kahar road from where it turns from Karuli Chowk towards Malot via Pakistan cement factory and Choi village along with coalmines. It is 12 kilometers away from Kallar Kahar in the east. The Malot was also called Namrod and Ramrod. The name is after the King of MalDev or Malu. The Rajput history claims its name Malot from the word Malik-Kot, as they believed that the title of Malik was given to the one who accepted annexation to the Muslim King of Delhi although in reward the Malik enjoyed the autonomous status with full sovereignty in the assigned area. The Mughal King Baber’s travelogue “Tuzk-e-Babri” attests to the corollary of Malik-Kot, Mal-Kot and then Malot.

How to reach?

There are three ways to enter main city:

  1. By motorway through Kallarkahar exit, crossing bhaun and entering Chakwal in about 25 minutes.
  2. By Motorway through Chakwal exit, Balkasar interchange crossing Thoa Bahadur and exntering city in about 30 minutes.
  3. By GT road taking Mandra exit before Rawat and following chakwal road in about 35 minutes.