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Mankiala (also known as Manikyala and Manikiyala) is a village in the Potohar plateau, Punjab near Rawalpindi, Pakistan, which is known for its Buddhist stupa. It is located some 50 km from Islamabad, beyond Rawat Fort. The name Mankiala is said to be derived from Raja Man or Manik. Mankiala Stupa is a Gandhara era stupa built to memorialize the place where, according to legend, Buddha sacrificed some of his body parts to […]


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Makli is situated in the city of Thatta in Sindh. It is famous as a historical graveyard in all the world. This graveyard has been listed as a world heritage. Makli is the historical heritage of Sindh. There are such graves which are so good, that by looking it, the art of the person who […]

Port Tower Complex

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The Port Tower is a 1,947 ft (593 m) tall skyscraper proposed for construction in Karachi, the financial capital of Pakistan.  It will be constructed with the collaboration of local and foreign investors, in association with the Karachi Port Trust. The height of the tower has a special significance, as it represents the year, 1947, when Pakistan was formed. The new tower is […]

Mirpur, Azad Kashmir

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Mirpur (Urdu: میر پور) is the capital and largest city of Mirpur district and one of the largest cities in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. Since Mirpur adjoins the northern plains of the Punjab, the climate is quite hot during the summer times. The city itself has gone through a process of modernization while most of the surrounding area remains agricultural. […]

Kandol Lake

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Kandol Lake is one of the most beautiful lake in SWAT district. One can reach there by hikking a moderate level track starting from “Laddu” in two hours. You can reach “Laddu Valley” by jeep from KALAM in 1.5 hours. You can hire a guide from KALAM to help you in reaching that beautiful lake. […]


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Besham (also known as Besham Qala) is the largest town and commercial centre of the Shangla District in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Most of the population is pashto speaking pashtun [locally Pukhtun]. [nggallery id=8] Besham’s shops remained open 24 hours a day due to its geographic position, as it is on the famous Silk route which connects Pakistan with China. Besham shops […]