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Makli is situated in the city of Thatta in Sindh. It is famous as a historical graveyard in all the world. This graveyard has been listed as a world heritage. Makli is the historical heritage of Sindh. There are such graves which are so good, that by looking it, the art of the person who designed it can be judged. Makli is counted as the largest graveyard of Asia.

There are graves of the former rulers of Sindh in this graveyard. This graveyard expands at an area of 6 sq. miles. A civilization of 400 years ago is attached to this graveyard. The graves are dated back from 14th century to 18th century. It contains graves of Tughrul Baig, Jani Baig, Jan Baba, Baqi Baig Turkhan, Sultan Ibrahim, and Turkhan I. The art on the graves is the witness of the civilization of that time.

The structure of these graves is very strong. The material used is of high quality and the artwork done is of its own kind. It contains calligraphy of Quranic verses and other artistic designs.  The graves of rulers and kings have big domes built over them. Sindhi tiles and red bricks are used in their construction.

Every year thousands of visitors and tourists visit it.

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