Hindu shoemaker’s son tops matriculation exam

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RAHIM YAR KHAN: Revtash Kumar, who belongs to an impoverished household in the lower district of Rahim Yar Khan has surprised everyone by securing the top most position in matriculation examinations.

His success was celebrated in a traditional way, amidst Pakistani folk songs. His family was very happy on their son’s achievement.

Despite topping the exams, his dream of becoming a doctor will have to be put on hold since his shoe maker father, who earns Rs100-150 a day, cannot afford Revtash’s education any further. Instead, he now assists his father at his shoe shop.

I make shoes to earn a living but sadly, not enough to support my son’s education. I hope the government can help us,” Revtash’s proud father hoped.

This news came a few days after that of Muhammad Mohsin, the son of a former labourer of Hafizabad and a worker at a tandoor who topped the Punjab University B.A/B.Sc exams by obtaining 688 marks.